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What’s so unique about our Studio is that it is nothing like a gym, our members call it their second home. It’s a lovely Studio, homely and comfortable, the members are welcoming, in fact you will probably buddy up with them in your first month and they will teach you every you need to know. Most of them have been at the Studio since it opened 8 years ago and they love new guys coming in, telling them stories of when they first started and how far they’ve come. Every one of them is an inspiration and they make the Studio what it is




Fit Strong Females Online provides studio clients additional Fitness, Food or Success coaching when they are at home or away on business. It is also for you if you can't make it to the Studio and want a home programme to follow. Choose from a FREE or paid membership


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I can't sing any more praise for Carolyne. I started sessions in Carolynes Studio in July 2010 and was impressed by her refreshing attitude to exercise. Carolyne is full of encouragement and her expert knowledge of anatomy, fitness and exercise allows her to tailor each exercise for beginners through to advanced people. Carolyne helped transform my body for my wedding, I actually didn’t lose weight on the scales but lost about 2 dress sizes and I felt amazing on the day! I am now pregnant with my first baby and Carolyne is continuing to train me as she is Pre and Post Natal qualified, I have complete trust in her.I will also be returning to my sessions as soon as I am able to, after the birth, to get back in shape. I haven’t put much weight on, just a baby bump, and that’s all down the workouts we do. Each session is an education in the body, muscle groups I'm working and how to improve. Carolyne is encouraging at every step of the way and is a breath of fresh air to work with. Many Personal Trainers shout at you from the side of a gym machine - something I find very demotivational - and Carolyne couldn't be further from that stereotype! She strives to make each session fun, as well as challenging.

Roisin McNeill
Sales Manager, Pareto Law

My attention span with fitness is not very good and I always give up after a few weeks of trying anything but with Carolyne we are always doing something different and I’ve been with her 18 months now!. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my strength and would definitely recommend. Give it a go!

Paula Brown
Partner, Harper Macleod

Before finding FSF, my workout options were limited to park walks and Mummy & Baby yoga - both of which are great in their own way, but if you're used to being active and wanting to regain your fitness, you need something more... and with your body doing crazy things in its post natal state, you need someone with knowledge to support and guide you to make sure you're focusing on the right things and taking care of yourself - enter Carolyne! Having been a die hard Body Attacker for 10yrs I was sceptical about the training we would do as I was 8 weeks post natal. There was a lot of initial strength training and core stability... which despite being low impact it made me sweat and I got a damn good work out! I was worried about having Fraser with me but Carolyne is so great with our babies, I got to work out knowing they are well looked after... and if they are having an off day when only Mum will do, Carolyne is brilliant at designing exercises which include them being either in your arms or in a carrier. I'm still a work in progress, with Fraser just 5 months old, but so far my upper body strength has increased (vital for carrying around Fraser in his car seat!), my fitness is returning, my bum and legs are more toned and I can feel my abs again! My weight has returned to what it was pre-pregnancy but there's still more work to do, to get toned, fitter and stronger... I've got 6 more months of maternity leave and know with Carolyne's training I'll get there. Life is tiring, hectic, crazy but fantastic... Fraser's an awesome wee dude and I love being his Mummy but it's also great to have time to focus on myself, not just as a Mum, but as a woman, and regaining my fitness and figure is a huge part of that. I feel much more confident in myself and proud of the healthy example I'm setting Fraser.

Lesley Henderson
Financial Analysis Manager, Aggreko

Carolyne is a dedicated personal trainer who cares about her clients individually and does not operate on a single fitness regime fits everyone type of basis as others I have worked with often do. Training has never been such good fun and I can't wait for my next session!

Joyce Hardie
Managing Director, FM Workplace Services

I was training with Carolyne before I became pregnant, we trained throughout my pregnancy then I was back at the Studio 3 weeks after Wyn was born. In fact, I had a session booked the morning Wyn was born, I didn’t make it but had been training a few days before. Keeping my training going definitely helped as I didn’t find the labour or delivery as hard as I thought it was going to be.After the birth I was shattered and my body was somewhat broken. I didn’t think I was able to take part in any exercise but we started with similar activities to what I had been doing at the end of my pregnancy and then it built from there until I was back to some form of normal.I regained strength and fitness even though I developed nerve pain in my shoulder. I really appreciated Carolyne adjusting my exercises to take this into account and help me continue training, often with Wyn strapped to my front! My baby brain meant I had problems remembering the exercises each week but Carolyne was always happy to remind me. I also learned to eat more protein to help with my fatigue after submitting a food diaryI'm back to the weight I was before my pregnancy and I seem a lot fitter than other mums that I do an informal buggy fit class with. I appreciate the strength training as I need it to lift my baby - who is not the lightest!! It's also great to have the flexibility that is provided - sometimes baby and life make it impossible to get to your standard class but Carolyne is always happy to fit us in somewhere.And of course, the best bit is that Carolyne can always get Wyn to sleep - and that she obviously cares loads for her clients and the babies xx

Gillian Caughey
Founder, Fearless Financials

I’ve always played and enjoyed football with my mates playing 5 asides once a week but over the years I gained weight, way over 100kg and was struggling to last a game. I was out of breath, weak and unfit. I would never have considered personal training but my girlfriend Keri was working with Carolyne and she was getting great results. Keri was looking really lean and was running 10ks in around an hour, she suggested I go and see Carolyne and I agreed to give it a try, that was two years ago.Since then my fitness levels have vastly improved, I’m stronger, I’ve lost 15 kg in weight and running a 10k every week under the hour. I’m also running rings around my mates on the pitch, I’m no longer out of breath and have as much energy at the end of the game than at the start. I feel good about myself but I also feel more confident about trying new things.

Chris McCool
Shift Signalling Manager

Carolyne's beaten me up each week for the last 8 years during which I've got progressively fitter and stronger. Carolyne has a broad knowledge of health and fitness and a flexible style, so is particularly suitable for city centre professionals. I'd recommend her service to beginners and experienced participants, whatever their fitness goal.

Adam Gordon
CEO Candidate ID