The small things you do each day add up to big results

  • 90 Days is the perfect timescale to adopt new habits
  • Each day you will receive an email with either a simple exercise or nutrition challenge to do
  • Weekly challenges and resources are posted on the website every Sunday
  • Interact with each other on our private facebook group and post when you have completed a challenge
  • Record your Weight and Measurements and chart your progress throughout

The Next 90 Day Challenge Begins Sun 8th Jan 2017

This is for you, if...

You are starved of time feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start? You want to make the first steps to a better you but it has to be something that is simple, easy to follow and that fit's in with your life.

You hate the gym, there are too many people and you either hide at the back of a class or wander around equipment with no idea what you should be doing? Maybe you've tried running but you couldn't get past a block of houses without feeling like your heart was going to burst out of your chest?

You don't like your body, in fact you may hate it. You dress to cover it up and wish you were a few dress sizes smaller. You dread social events, you don't fit the nice dresses you have and the thought of going shopping depresses you.

You've tried countless diets, weight loss clubs, shakes, food elimination, in fact you've tried everything.  They work at first, then you get bored and go back to the way you ate before. Nothing has changed and you put more weight on.

You have trouble sticking to any kind of plan and feel like a failure. Eating healthy and working out on a regular basis is what other people do, not you. You really want it to be a part of your life but you don't seem to have the willpower?

You have trouble keeping up with everything you are 'supposed' to be doing and as a result you feel paralysed by all the information available. What was healthy one day you are now being told its unhealthy and confusion sets in.

The Next 90 Day Challenge Begins Sun 8th Jan 2017


Imagine if exercise was part of your every day life...

  • You are in a routine and it stays a routine
  • You are held accountable i.e. someone cares that you turn up
  • You look forward to your workout
  • It becomes as natural as brushing your teeth
  • You see changes in your body as body fat lowers and muscle tone improves
  • You have more energy through the day and sleep better at night
  • You feel physically able to do more things like taking the stairs or carrying shopping


Imagine being able to you eat what you want...

  • Choosing the foods that your body needs
  • Not having to count calories
  • Still being able to eat the foods you like
  • Eating when you need to eat and stopping when you are full
  • Your body reaching it's natural weight
  • Feeling full between meals
  • Adding more variety to your diet and looking forward to eating
  • Preparing your food in advance

Success Coaching

Imagine understanding why no matter how much you want something, you seem to self sabotage...

  • Learn who you are and what matters most to you
  • Understand habits, how they work and how to create good habits that last
  • Take a peek inside your brain and find out who is charge
  • Find out why willpower is doing you more damage than good
  • Look at the external influences that are causing you pain and eliminating them
  • Gain greater success in all areas of your life

This may all seem like a lot but don't panic as you will be drip fed the challenges each day. In the end that adds up to 90 challenges plus 13 weekly challenges 🙂

"When you do small things each day they add up to big results"

The Next 90 Day Challenge Begins Sun 8th Jan 2017

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