17 years ago, I had a vision of creating a fitness business that would appeal to and help other women who were unfit, weak, overweight and lost. I sat on a beach in Spain and filled a notepad with my ideas.

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Now that vision is a reality and in 2009 I opened 'Tangerine13 Studios' giving my clients a space they could call their own, 'Fit Strong Females' was opened in 2016 in a brand new studio. Our online version of the studio began in 2012, read on for the full story...


 I'll give you a clue, it wasn't a passion for exercise and clean living... Seriously, I was in my late twenties and after more than a decade of drink, drugs and anorexia my body was in a mess. I was also being medicated for schizophrenia and bipolar and was reaching a point in my life where I actually wanted to live.

I was putting weight on, like a size 6 to a size 10 but it was all fat and scary as hell so I thought I would join a gym. After being tied into 3 gym memberships that I couldn't bring myself to use, I decided to become a personal trainer and train myself.


I'm 46 years old, in 2017 I spent most of it recovering from a mental breakdown, my medication was increased and I put on a lot of weight. I also gave up smoking which was a great thing to do but added to the weight gain. I put on 3 stone

I had to 'get up and go' to exercise and it didn't matter what I ate as it was chemical based and all I wanted was to get better, in my head. Since my anorexia, I've struggled to eat normally and will eat chocolate and biscuits all day and not good food

It's now 2018, my head is better, I'm decreasing my meds and the weight is coming off. I'm hoping to balance the lower meds with exercise and nutritious food, I've also recently been diagnosed with Celiac and Chrones disease, so it's all a challenge but when my head is well, I can do anything. I even wrote 10 novels that have been published under my pen name Georgie Mirren!


I love the variables, the science, the personalities, the challenges, seeing clients improve, reach their goals, become part of my wee family. I'm a sucker for an underdog, I save worms from the rain, I was born to help people and I've finally found a job where I can talk all day 🙂

Having a Studio was never an ambition for me either but I got so pissed off with the gyms I worked in. I felt intimidated, so god knows how clients felt, I would go outdoors instead but eventually it was time I got my own place and I opened the first personal training studio in Glasgow city centre.


So I built one, from a derelict basement, I wanted it to look welcoming and un gym like, no machines, no mirrors, no posers and it works! Strangers looking in see clients looking relaxed and having fun even though they are doing some kick ass workouts.

Clients have been with me for up to 8 years, the Studio is their second home, they help me settle in newcomers, demonstrating exercises and sharing their stories. It's hard to believe they were once unfit, weak and overweight.

You can read what they have to say throughout this website. I just wanted to say a few words and try and capture the ethos, the spirit and the history of where we are now. I hope if you've read this far, you will take the next step and get in touch, come and join us...


Carolyne. Owner, Fitness, Nutrition and Success Coach, Yoga Teacher, Blogger and Writer

Sandra. Classical Pilates Teacher