Hopefully everyone can touch their toes but

can you do it without bending your knees?


Do you suffer from lower back pain or stiffness

in the hips?


Do you sit down for most of the day? Or do

you do a lot of exercise but no stretching?


If so, this is for you…


Your hamstrings are the muscles that run up

the back of you thighs and your glutes are the

muscles that make up your bum cheeks. If they

become tight and weak, from sitting, exercise

or a lack of stretching, you can get lower back

and hip pain or stiffness


Touching your toes is a movement everyone

should be able to make but with lifestyles being

more sedentary, most can’t quite get there


The good news is that your hamstrings and

glutes can become flexible with a little bit of



I would recommend starting with standing

forward bends (I’m sharing a link in the p.s. for a

video) as they are easier to get right and gravity

plays a part in helping you lengthen the muscles,

pulling your head to the floor


You can stand with feet together, feet hip width

apart and wide apart, make sure you stick your

bum out, keep the legs and back straight and

hold it for a decent length of time 1-3 min


If you can make it along to the next workshop

on Sunday 17th of September, I’ll be teaching

these exercises and more and helping you put

together a few moves for home practice


It’s £20 for members and £40 for non members

and you can read more and book HERE


If you can’t make that but you can make a

class, I teach a 12:15 and 13:15, thirty minute

session each Tuesday lunchtime and an hour

long class on a Saturday at 10:30am


You can set up a log in and book the classes



Failing that, I will be putting some more yoga

videos on the online site, it’s free and you can

sign up for that HERE


and I’ve just broken the rule of ‘only have one

link per post’ as people get confused (sigh)


If you feel confused but interested in yoga?

email me (yes another link)




p.s. the link for the video is HERE




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