My shoulders and upper back are still a bit

achey after the yoga workshop at the

weekend! It was a good stretch but also good

to focus on strengthening exercises too


The next one is on lower back and core on

Saturday 4th February and you can read

more about it here Workshops


You can also see the details for tomorrow

night’s workshop on the power of habit


It’s a free workshop, actually more of a talk

and I thought it might help if I told you a

bit more about it


A habit is something you do repetitively,

so often you no longer think about it, it has

become ingrained in your day and your life


Things like brushing your teeth, tying your

shoelaces, getting dressed, waking at the

same time each morning


Also things like smoking (the biggest one),

having something sweet after dinner, eating

a bar of chocolate at 3:30pm, picking the

same foods in the supermarket or restaurant


The list is endless but my main question is

if you could change a habit or create a new

one, how would you do it?


I’ll be going into a bit of brain neuro science

but it’s interesting (you won’t fall asleep)

and I’ll give you some case studies of how we

know this to be the case (also interesting)


Then we’ll explore the nature of habits and

why it trumps ‘positive thinking’ and ‘being

motivated’ as a long lasting method


So, if you want to find eating vegetables as

easy as tying your shoelaces or getting up

earlier in the morning and going to the gym

as easy as brushing your teeth, then you

should come along tomorrow night at

5:30pm for the talk


It would be good to see you and you will

need to book in or email me back and I’ll

book you in




p.s. a great example of this is to look at

the amount of people vaping instead of

smoking. I can tell you why they switched

so easily and how you can benefit from

a habit you want to replace




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