Before I get into it today, I’ve put together

some Christmas gifts you might want to have a

look at


If you’re like me, who hates shopping at the

best of times, Christmas shopping is a nightmare

and if I can do most of it online, I will


The inspiration for these gifts came from the

dreaded ‘Secret Sant wtf will I buy them’ and

trying to think of original ideas or searching

for stocking fillers


Last year everyone was getting fitbit watches

and this year will be apple ones but what

about the important part? Doing the exercise

to monitor your fitness


So have a look at Christmas Gifts, they start

from £5


So todays post…


I’m noticing a huge difference in the lunchtime

gang, who have been members for a few months

and the evening gang, who have been members

for years and years


(this could be a good competition)


I’m going to talk about kettlebells but it applies

to everything


We have the 8kg and the 12kg kettlebells, I have

clients that have been using the 8kg for years

and moan if I tell them to lift the 12kg but after

years they should really have moved up


The ones that have been a few months are

already lifting the 12kg and it’s not because they

are all wonderfully fit and super strong, it’s

because their expectations are different


Loudelle is in her fifties, she is 4ft 10, weighs

less than 8 stone and had zero strength when

she started. Last month she was struggling to

lift the 8 now this month she is struggling to lift

the 12


Loudelle expects to be challenged, she wasn’t

put off with the 8 and she won’t be put off the

12 but she knows it will get easier and she will

get stronger in the process


While the evening ones say the 12 is too heavy

but that’s what it feels like when you haven’t

lifted anything heavier than the 8 in years, it’s

going to be too heavy but you have to lift it to

get stronger and for it to feel easier!


One of the girls suggested hiding all the 8kg

kettlebells, it’s not a bad idea…




p.s. The Walking Dead has been better since

my post last week, less action and more chat,

a bit like my Studio at times, it’s good to rest

and recover, it keeps makes the action better



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