I’m going to get myself back on track this week

starting with my email/posts! It’s all too easy to

get distracted, finding other things to do instead…


It’s 15 weeks, today, since I smoked a cigarette!


Most of the time I’m ok but then I watch a film

and someone lights up and I get this craving

and I’m almost running out the door to buy a



and one of my clients has just text me to say

she’s watching ‘bake off’ and says it’s like a

form of self torture


So, my topic today is how difficult it can be

to give something up? When you are surrounded

by images, advertising and TV and with people

everywhere who are smoking and eating cake!!!


If you are trying to give something up, it’s likely

to be a habit, something you do on a regular

basis and at certain times


with triggers that push you to keep doing the

something you are trying to stop


It all happens in the brain and I’m not going to

get into detail today, so I’ll simplify the process


You can’t erase or ‘break’ a habit, you can only

‘overwrite’ a habit or create a new habit


The habit that you want gone will need to be

overwritten with something else




For example, the number of people who have

managed to stop smoking cigarettes has

increased, since vaping became a thing, as

vaping replicates smoking in a much better way

than patches or gum


and for those who went cold turkey they ate

more, looking for the hand to mouth action,

the satisfaction of feeling full from smoking

and their taste buds came back


To be successful in giving up something that

you eat, like chocolate, it has to be replaced

with another food


So that when you reach that trigger point, it

could be 3pm when you usually go for a smoke

or eat a bar of chocolate, you go for what will

be your new habit instead


For example


You have to rewrite the pathway from

Stressed -> Cigarette

Hungry -> Chocolate


To something like

Stressed ->  20 burpees or Vape

Hungry -> Real yummy food


If you vape at the times you would normally

smoke you can get through the tough patch

and cut nicotine to zero, without going back

to cigarettes




If you keep reaching for real yummy food

eventually the brain will route straight there

instead of to the chocolate


Make sense? I can explain in more detail if

you need me too


as for 20 burpees?

It’s something I’m working on, can I break a

craving / habit by doing 20 burpees every

time I think about it?


Heh heh, I’ll let you know




p.s. what worked for you? I’d love for you to

tell me, email me your tips and success stories







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