First I want to say I have men who train

with me and women under the age of 40

and they will continue to work with me

and I will continue to take new clients on

if I can fit them in


but today’s post is to highlight why women

over 40 is my niche and why I can help them


For a start I’m 46


I know the havoc menopausal symptoms

can have on you


I know what it feels like to find another

grey hair or wrinkle and while it doesn’t

bother me, it reminds me I’m ageing


What it’s like when you see yourself

getting out the bath and the bum and

boobs are heading south


When you can’t get away with eating the

diet you could when you were twenty, or

live the lifestyle you did


Or wear the outfits you used to wear


but that’s ok! You’re not 20 or 30

anymore, now you are a mature

woman who wants different things from



Maybe your saggy tummy reminds you

of the beautiful children you’ve raised

or you’ve reached the peak of your

career after countless studying and

working late nights


You have that affirmation that you know

who you are, what you like and don’t

like, being over 40 has a lot of benefits


What about your body?


Instead of covering up and hiding it away,

get your ass in to me and we may be able

to lift it a little but can certainly stop the



and it’s also possible to get a wee boob

lift in there too from press ups and your

tummy can be tightened too


What you need most though is confidence,

You’re not washed up completely, you can

lift heavy weights, do press ups and do all

the things you probably couldn’t do in

your twenties – trust me!


I even have a few clients in their sixties

and they are fitter and stronger than

most of my other clients


You’re at an age where the body is losing

muscle but you need to keep it strong, it

gives your body shape, tone and nothing

beats the feeling of discovery, when in the

shower ‘oh I have muscle’ or ‘I’m not so





How many 40+ women feel comfortable

going to a gym though?


Women come to me every day and say

they felt out of place and that the young

male trainers are more interested in

eyeing up the younger burds


(not my words but I get this a lot)


A client summed it up the other week

to me, she said ‘coming to the studio is

like going round to your friends house

but instead of drinking wine, we do



I love that!


and Sting said at 50 he had a better body

and was in better shape than he was

at twenty…


So can you!




p.s. I’m doing January for free if you

are serious about working with me, I

have six slots left, email me if you want







Carolyne is the owner of Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and an Online Membership Site, with 18 years experience. She is also a Fitness, Success and Food Blogger, Author and Writer. You can contact her at or find more information at 

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