Online Personal Trainer


Not everyone can get to our studio so you have the option of training on your own either at home or a local gym but with the benefits of our programs. Studio clients also use the online personal training to mix in with studio sessions or days they've missed.

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'Tone up and lose weight without getting too sweaty'

*Yoga is on a Tuesday and *Pilates on a Thursday, the remaining weekdays are strength based sessions designed to help you tone up and lose weight without getting too sweaty and you can get back to your desk without a shower. The lunchtime sessions are also known as 'No Sweat'

Sessions are at 12:15 and 13:15, you can book HERE but don't worry if you are running late, just send a text or email to say what time you will be. It's not a class where everyone does the same thing, starting at the same time, this is Personal Training

Once you sign up you will have your own programme to follow, or you can choose to do the workout of the day that is on the whiteboard.

Either way, sessions are small enough to give you plenty of personal attention and you get full training on all the exercises in the first month

*Yoga and pilates are also 'drop in' classes, you don't need to be a member (£5 per class)

Membership for the lunch time sessions is £49 per month, sign up first for a two week free trial and take us for a test drive before committing. Apply by completing the short questionnaire below