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Not everyone can get to our studio so you have the option of training on your own either at home or a local gym but with the benefits of our programs. Studio clients also use the online personal training to mix in with studio sessions or days they've missed.

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Fit Strong Females with Trainerize App

We've teamed up with the Trainerize software to create a quality app for the Studio. All of our members get it free as part of their package, enabling them to work out at home or when away on business.

We have a Studio group where they can interact and encourage each other, follow their workouts for the week or month, leave comments and mark off their workouts as completed.

When you sign up you will be allocated a group (if you want to) depending on your fitness level and program that would suit you.

I want to get to know you, so I can create the best plan

Before you get started

Before you start, I'll organise a no obligation consultation with you. We can do it in person at the Studio, by telephone or by Skype. You will be asked some health questions and about your goals. I'll email you what I need to know beforehand to give you some time to think.

This is required to make sure you understand how the programme works but also so I can give you the best workouts to suit your needs. While I have some prewritten workouts, it's important you get the personal touch and an individual programme.

Every Exercise has a Video

This isn't a programme that gives you fancy names for the exercises and a photo of someone doing it. Every exercise has a video with a vocal and written explanation of how to carry the exercise correctly.

Some videos were supplied with the software and some I filmed at the Studio featuring myself and my clients (always good for a giggle). My database has thousands of workouts and exercises so more will appear each week.

I am on the other side, not a robot, I create your plan

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Messaging Facility

There is no need to send emails or text messages, the software has an inbuilt messenger so you can get in touch with me and other clients if you have opted to be in a group. You can opt to have your messages to be emailed to you though as you won't be logged in all the time.

I aim to answer all messages within a few hours but if I'm teaching clients in the Studio it may take a little longer so please be patient.


Your calendar will show you what days you are doing a workout and what the workout involves. You will have your personalised programme all planned out for you here.

Click on the date and confirm your workout is complete or click on an empty date and add in another workout you've done like swimming or walking.

It helps keep you on track but you can also view your progress on the dashboard (shown below)


Every kind of stat that you could think of can be measured through the software but it's entirely up to you what you choose to track. Link to 'my fitness pal' or 'fitbit' and other apps to sync with our app and your heart rate or other workout details will go into your stats.

You can use the weight and measurements, add photos, have a look around and decide what your goals would be.

£49 per month for a personal trainer

  • Personalised app and workout program
  • Videos and instructions on all exercises
  • Check ins and reviews weekly
  • Join a group with others at your level
  • Get your butt kicked in the nicest way
  • 1 week trial to see if it's a good fit for you

Current Programs on offer that would be tailored to you

    • Beginners Fit and Strength Programme 1 (12 weeks)
    • Beginners Fit and Strength Programme 2 (12 weeks)
    • Intermediate Fit and Strength Programme 1 (12 weeks)
    • Intermediate Fit and Strength Programme 2 (12 weeks)
    • Pre & PostNatal Programmes coming soon
    • Weight loss program Beginner (12 weeks)
    • Weight loss program Beginner (12 weeks)
    • Weight loss program Intermediate (12 weeks)
    • Weight loss program Intermediate (12 weeks)
    • Yoga coming soon

    An Example Client and How it Works

    There will be some similarity's between clients but not every client is the same and that is why we have some templates that we modify for you. For example you might be looking for fat loss but have knee problems, I would have a look at the best exercises for fat loss and give you alternative exercises for your knees. I would then add in the best knee rehab exercises I know and keep a close eye on your progress, changing exercises along the way if required.

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