Pre and Post Natal


Training women inevitably covers pregnancy and mum and baby at some point. We have been training both for over 10 years with great results, pregnant mums report easier births as they are fit and strong and new mums get back into shape while having fun with their babies.

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From the second you find out you are pregnant you are 'Pre Natal'

It's an exciting time and whether you tell everyone or keep it quiet, you do need to tell me as some exercises may not be suitable. It might not be an exciting time, however and feels like the end of the world, you can also talk to me in confidence, I have trained hundreds of pregnant women all with different ideas on what comes next.

From the second you give birth until the end of your life you are 'Post Natal'

Holding your baby in your arms for the first time is just the beginning of your post natal life. From here on you will always have gone full term in pregnancy and given birth, whether it was natural or by C-section. Why? Your body has gone through a complete change, some irreversibly and some skin or fat, or some ligament and hip issues for example can last forever.


There was too much information on this subject to include it in a webpage, so, I created a pre and post natal handbook for you to download.

It's still a vast subject and no two people are the same, this is a guide but if you need more information, email me and I'll help you as best as I can

**Please note that Pre and Post natal clients can take part in my group sessions as each person has an individual programme to follow**

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Having been a client of Carolyne's for four years, I always knew I wanted to train throughout my pregnancy. Carolyne was able to adapt my exercises according to my ability, safety of baby and my changing body. She even gave me great advice on postures during labour!

After my 6 week check, I returned to the mother and baby classes and started to build up my strength and stamina. Throughout all this time, Carolyne adapted the exercises to my stage post-natally, giving me the encouragement when needed, and also reigned me in a few times, to ensure I wasn't pushing myself too hard. It felt great to get some endorphins going again! What I loved is that Carolyne only let us exercise one body area at a time, taking in to account we all had babies to look after!

I'm now back to my pre-pregnancy body, and I've even managed to shed 2kgs extra. I feel fit and healthy and I love that I'm setting a good example for my daughter, showing her the importance of exercise from a (very) early stage!

If I'm honest though, the best part of the classes are the intangibles. I have always been given excellent, professional, well researched advice. I had a safe environment to breastfeed. I knew my baby was being cared for whilst I took care of myself, and therefore felt no 'mummy guilt' for my me time. We have made friends, shared stories, laughed. The mother and baby classes are part of the Fit Strong family. And Ava and I loved every minute

Roisin McNeill

Post Natal

Before finding FSF, my workout options were limited to park walks and Mummy & Baby yoga - both of which are great in their own way, but if you're used to being active and wanting to regain your fitness, you need something more... and with your body doing crazy things in its post natal state, you need someone with knowledge to support and guide you to make sure you're focusing on the right things and taking care of yourself - enter Carolyne!

Having been a die hard Body Attacker for 10yrs I was sceptical about the training we would do as I was 8 weeks post natal. There was a lot of initial strength training and core stability... which despite being low impact it made me sweat and I got a damn good work out! I was worried about having Fraser with me but Carolyne is so great with our babies, I got to work out knowing they are well looked after... and if they are having an off day when only Mum will do, Carolyne is brilliant at designing exercises which include them being either in your arms or in a carrier.

I'm still a work in progress with Fraser just 5 months old but so far my upper body strength has increased (vital for carrying around Fraser in his car seat!), my fitness is returning, my bum and legs are more toned and I can feel my abs again! My weight has returned to what it was pre-pregnancy but there's still more work to do, to get toned, fitter and stronger... I've got 6 more months of maternity leave and know with Carolyne's training I'll get there.

Life is tiring, hectic, crazy but fantastic... Fraser's an awesome wee dude and I love being his Mummy but it's also great to have time to focus on myself, not just as a Mum, but as a woman, and regaining my fitness and figure is a huge part of that. I feel much more confident in myself and proud of the healthy example I'm setting Fraser.

Lesley Henderson

Pre & Post Natal

I was training with Carolyne before I became pregnant, we trained throughout my pregnancy then I was back at the Studio 3 weeks after Wyn was born. In fact, I had a session booked the morning Wyn was born, I didn’t make it but had been training a few days before. Keeping my training going definitely helped as I didn’t find the labour or delivery as hard as I thought it was going to be.

After the birth I was shattered and my body was somewhat broken. I didn’t think I was able to take part in any exercise but we started with similar activities to what I had been doing at the end of my pregnancy and then it built from there until I was back to some form of normal.

I regained strength and fitness even though I developed nerve pain in my shoulder. I really appreciated Carolyne adjusting my exercises to take this into account and help me continue training, often with Wyn strapped to my front! My baby brain meant I had problems remembering the exercises each week but Carolyne was always happy to remind me. I also learned to eat more protein to help with my fatigue after submitting a food diary

I'm back to the weight I was before my pregnancy and I seem a lot fitter than other mums that I do an informal buggy fit class with. I appreciate the strength training as I need it to lift my baby - who is not the lightest!! It's also great to have the flexibility that is provided - sometimes baby and life make it impossible to get to your standard class but Carolyne is always happy to fit us in somewhere.

And of course, the best bit is that Carolyne can always get Wyn to sleep - and that she obviously cares loads for he clients and the babies xx

Gillian Caughey