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The next WeightLess Programme starts 1st April 2018 and registration closes 14th April

The diet industry is failing us

It's 2018, the diet industry is worth billions yet we are becoming fatter and fatter. Why is this?

Well apart from the fact that diets don't work, and that is a fact, or else we wouldn't have an obesity problem...

There are so many concepts and miscommunications about what food we should be eating and when we should be eating it that we have lost our instincts

There are so many readily available foods to make our lives easier, they may even look healthy on the surface but are actually hiding chemicals that harm our bodies

We eat too fast, we eat too much and the food that we eat is poor quality

I study and even coach this for a living and I get confused, so I can only imagine how you feel!

What WeightLess is not:

Before I tell you about WeightLess, let me tell you what it is not.

  • This is not a diet cause diets don't work
  • Restrictions, no foods are banned or off limits
  • No fads or crazes, this is based on science and evidence
  • No calorie counting, lets focus on the food you need
  • No fake foods, no chemicals or shakes
  • No guilt, no blame, no shame

WeightLess, what the program involves and why it's different

This is a coaching program, not just a list of things to eat. When you decide to stray from a diet you go back to eating the way you did before, WeightLess changes the way you eat, it's simplistic but it's not easy and once you've mastered your new habits, you have them forever.

You will also be coached along the way, not just a weigh and measure and being sold fake foods. You are going to learn why certain foods are an important part of your life, how to eat with instinct and you will learn how it feels to be eating properly

(hint - energised, content and happy)

You will focus on the positives of your eating, working on making improvements one small step at a time.  We will look at your relationship with yourself, building your confidence and making you stronger.

Each one of you on the programme is an individual and you will be coached as one, there will be a lot of similarities between you all but times where you will need individual help. Everything you need will be provided.

What you get:

  • 12 month online programme with 13 modules released one at a time
  • Each module takes around 3 - 4 weeks giving you plenty of time to master before moving on
  • Expert personal coaching, guidance and support from your trainer and each other in the private facebook group
  • Access to resources including recipes, ideas and knowledge
  • Weekly weight check ins and monthly measurements that you can submit online or have taken at the Studio
  • Exercise coaching and video access to all of the workouts we do at Fit Strong Females
  • Daily email reminder to keep you in check

So now it's time to take a leap of faith and sign up

If you've read this far I would guess you must be interested but I'll be honest and say this is only a hint of what is to come in the programme

Taking action is what you need to do now and sign up

WeightLess Nutrition is £25 per month (free for studio members), you can cancel at any time, the programme runs for 12 months and you have lifetime access to the website for future use

The next start date is the 1st April 2018 but we will have a countdown in the facebook group to keep you motivated

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