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The majority of our clients are over the age of 40, many being in their 50's and some in their 60's. It's an age group often neglected in the world of fitness but our clients are fitter and stronger than most in their 20's. This is a specialist age group for us and all our trainers are over 40 too.

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Is age or sex a factor when it comes to exercise?

This isn't about equal rights or women proving they are as tough and powerful as men. It's not about whether you can still live your life like you're 20 when you're 40 or 50. It's about accepting woman's bodies go through a huge change after the age of 40, reshaping our abilities and changing and what we look like.

That's the first step, understanding and acceptance

I loved turning 40, I celebrated it for a month, I felt proud to be in my forties and felt grown up and excited about my future. Turning 46, then 47, then 48, I wasn't so excited as I started to see the external symptoms of age like wrinkles and flabby areas. For the first time, I was facing my age and it didn't feel good, nothing in my life was changing but my body was...

The Menopause

There are three absolutes in life. You will be born. You will die. You will go through menopause (as a woman). Along with mental health it's been taboo to discuss it or admit to it, even in casual conversation with your friends. Not at the Studio, it's all we talk about and blame everything that is wrong with us on the menopause! My book will hopefully be published this year too

What is Menopause?

Menopause occurs when your hormone levels oestrogen and progesterone decline and your periods effectively stop as your body has stopped producing eggs. Ok, so that's the science of it all in a snippet but this stage of life lasts around 10 years and can wreck havoc through your body. You can also sail through menopause without a whimper

Not all menopause occurs naturally, a hysterectomy, Chemo and Radiation treatments can cause it to start early

Menopause Facts

Menopause occurs roughly between the ages of 45 and 55 and it can leave you feeling old, as if part of your body has died. It can affect you physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Mood swings, anxiety, anger are not your fault they come from menopause, learn to adapt to these emotional feelings and don’t beat yourself up

Speak to your GP about HRT, it suits some but not others and there are alternative therapies available. Not all women experience the same symptoms and some have none at all!

Your life isn’t over they do say 50 is the new 40 and people in general are living much ‘younger’ lives now and you will spend a third of your life post menopause

When you have children, you are also post natal for the rest of your life, it's like getting a double whammy so there are a lot of considerations in how your body has changed (forever) but you can limit the damage or keep your body young and fit.

How to deal with Menopause

Diet and exercise seems to be the cure for everything these days but how can it help you through Menopause or just the later years of your life? I have clients in their late fifties and they look and feel great.

Weight training keeps your bones and muscles strong, offsets osteoporosis and helps with weight loss. There is also a feeling of accomplishment when you can lift weights you didn't think possible when you started and it gets rid of aggression.

Getting your heart rate up helps prevent heart disease, common in post menopausal and core work can help tighten your pelvic area so you don't suffer from urinary incontinence and improve your sex life.

A good diet will make you feel good overall but there are some foods that are especially good, like a glass of soya milk a day can take away symptoms (popular with my clients). Talking with other women at the same age as you or the older ones who have been there makes a massive difference to your confidence.

Exercise can make you feel young again and stem the health risks of ageing

Pregnancy can leave with you with a different body shape, especially around the middle, core training needs to be specific to flatten or reduce the size of your tummy, pelvic floor work helps prevent incontinence but learning to love your body is most important. Your scars, wrinkles or folds are all reminders you brought new life into the world.

Post menopause increasing the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, incontinence, weight gain and sexual function. Again, specific types of exercise can outweigh these risks and it's all about loving your body some more.

Toned legs and arms with better posture would make a difference right away, or how about being stronger and fitter than you've ever been? This is your time, just for you, to make a difference to your life so you feel good regardless of age or what your poor body has been through.

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