Women's Fitness


Women's fitness includes most of the exercise that men do but we also have extra considerations, like periods, pregnancy and menopause. We have different body types, we don't share the same hormones, shapes and sizes. We don't build big muscles and have limitations with strength. A lot of women feel uncomfortable in a gym, in front of men or prefer female company.

Women tying shoelaces on fitness shoes for exercise

Tying your shoelaces are the hardest part of exercise

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'Fitness for Women is what we specialise in with 16 years expertise'

Women's fitness is made up of a balance of strength, fitness and flexibility while considering external factors such as your age, hormones, health conditions and of course nutrition (a separate topic and available to all members)

Every woman is unique and what works for one, may not work for another. That's what keeps our job interesting and the basis for your personal programme, an essential part of your training with us.

If you are looking to lose weight, a good programme focusing on the big muscle groups such as your legs, butt and back will help you lose the pounds and if you are looking to do some off road running, some balance work, ankle strengthening and plyometrics will improve fitness.

With a database of over 2,000 exercises and workouts, written over the years, using bodyweight, barbells and kettlebells, you will never be bored and always be challenged. Every workout can be adapted and varied to suit and the group sessions have a 'workout of the day' adding some friendly competition.

Ultimately, we do everything for you. All you need to do is turn up!

Women's Fitness is such a big subject for us, we've split it into the sections below, they are based on what our clients feel is important and why they come to Fit Strong Females. Just click on what you are interested in for more information.

Q & A

What do I get for my money? +

If you are a lunchtime member you get unlimited lunchtime sessions, half priced Saturday session and yoga and half priced workshops. You can opt in for the Pro Coach nutritional programme and success coaching at no extra cost

If you are an evening member you get unlimited evening and lunchtime sessions, Saturday yoga and half priced workshops. You can opt in for the Pro Coach nutritional programme and success coaching at no extra cost

Am I tied into a contract? +

No but I do require 30 days notice, if you cancel in the middle of the month, you will pay a pro rata payment the following month

I work away or from home at times? +

Homework can be assigned, bodyweight exercise, that takes up the room of a yoga mat, is great for hotel rooms or small apartments and you may find yourself investing in a kettlebell for home

How quickly will I see results? +

There are too many factors that will affect your results like how many sessions you do or what you are eating but I can say that most clients see a 1 or 2 inch drop from the waist and hips in the first month. Weight on the scales can take longer to drop but you will feel the mental benefits straight away, it feels good to be doing something!

Will I get a personal programme? +

Yes! You will get more than one to work on, in the studio or at home, they can include your problem areas you want to work on, technique, getting stronger or more flexible, anything! We can sit down at any time to put a workout together for your green folder

What benefits will I feel? +

Weight loss from fat burning workouts

Toning from using weights to tighten flabby arms or wobbly thighs

Fitness improves from complexes getting your heart rate up

Improved confidence and posture from slimming down

Stronger from weight training

Do I need to be fit to join? +

The most asked question! No, you don't need to be fit, I don't expect you to be fit or strong and I actually quite like new clients who are weak and unfit because the progress and results they see are bigger than someone already there

How hard will I be pushed? +

My job is to push you, your job is to say when it's enough but sometimes I step in to tell you to take a rest. It's easy to push someone, not so easy to know when to stop. I want you to end your session feeling like you've worked hard but not so hard you won't come back! It's a partnership, we work together to get the balance

What does a session involve? +

Lunchtimes are 30 mins, Tuesday is yoga and Thursday is Pilates, the other days are strength training and it's amazing what you can fit into a half hour slot. The three days are split into barbell, kettlebell and bodyweight, the workouts vary and the results are very good

Evenings you'll start with a ten minute foam rolling session then take part in a circuit, a challenge, a workout from the board or something from your green folder for 40 mins with a ten minute finisher

What is the green folder? +

When you start you will be given a green ring binder that stays in the Studio, inside you will find a sheet to track your weight and measurements, challenges, assessments, your programs, progress sheets and anything of interest to you like pregnancy, injuries or nutritional information

Will I hurt? +

In the beginning, yes! If you haven't been doing anything before joining, you will feel stiff and sore for a few days. If you are so sore you can't move, you've done too much, let me know and we can drop it down a notch next time. It's ok to feel sore but pain is a no no

What type of equipment will I use? +





Bosu and Ballast Balls

Medicine Ball

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Approaching my 30th birthday I realised that over 6 years with a gym membership, and intermittent bouts of me using it, had done nothing more than maintain the 14/16 dress size I'd been all my adult life.

Starting training with Carolyne was the best thing I've invested in so far in my life. I'm still excited by the challenges I find every time I go to the studio. The personalised training and group training schedule offers an exciting mix of personal challenges, healthy competition and measurable improvements, but most of all fun and friendship. You have to try it!

Rachel Clark - Project Manager, University of Strathclyde

After being very fit as a dancer throughout my teenage years, I suffered a bad injury and was then diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic. I was 17, I systematically shied away from exercise, putting on 3 stone, and my fitness level plummeted to zero.

I tried a couple of diets which worked temporarily but was still unhappy at losing my former levels of fitness. I knew I wanted to do something about it but was totally lost as to where to start. I needed structure and someone to guide me how to start from scratch.

Kirsteen Picken - Solicitor, BLM Law