I had 4 clients cry this week

Three suffering work based stress and the other

family/emotional stress


No, it wasn’t because I made them do burpees!


It’s not a usual occurrence, I think the last one

to cry in the Studio was me and that must have

been back in March?


We need stress in our lives, it gives us motivation,

gets us out of bed and puts fire in our belly


Without a deadline we’d never get started, with

no one to manage us we’d get lost and without

a little anxiety we wouldn’t finish on time


but just like most things in life, a small dose is

about right and when you get a ton dumped on

you, you get the opposite effect and grind to a

halt, crying, not sleeping or eating, eventually

becoming a wreck that can’t function at all


What can you do to help yourself in this



Eat, Sleep and Exercise

It’s a mantra and a cure for most things but if

you are suffering from stress, these are the 3

best places to start


All three will give you energy, focus and make

you feel good. Skipping lunch, the gym or

staying up late will only burn you out quicker.

You have to put yourself first and you’re the

only person who really cares about you, so

eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly


Say no!

Can you work late? Can you take on this extra

work? Can you cover for me or someone else?


If you are working more hours than you should

you have to speak up, no one else will and if you

take on every piece of work you are asked to do,

it won’t stop, it will only get worse


Learn to say no, not to everything but say it more,

in fact the next thing you get asked to do after

reading this, say no to it


Then ask if the sky fell down…


Look for a new job

Some workplaces have a culture that can be

difficult and not a great place to work in, staff

may all be miserable, it’s expected you work

60 hours a week instead of 40 or you have

numerous trips to London a month with no

extra time off to compensate


If you are considering a move, find someone

who already works there and ask them what

the environment is like first?


Write is all down

Emotional stuff is a burden to carry around all

the time, go to Paperchase and get a nice

notepad. You can use your laptop but it’s nice

to put pen to paper


Write all that sh1t down, tell your journal how

you feel or plan out what you can do to feel

better. Trust me, it will clear your head and will

release some of your stress


Come and see me!

I can only tell you what my clients tell me and

that is they leave feeling a million times better

than when they came in


It’s a combination of the exercise, the chat, the

other members and my magic touch


If you want to join them you can get a two week

free trial to the Studio, working with me and if

things are bad, I’ll let you slam and throw a

medicine ball (it really does the job)


Email me and I’ll set it up for you




p.s. I had so much to say on this subject, I might

do an ebook for the website


p.p.s. the next yoga workshop is a week on

Sunday, perfect for destressing


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